The Toy Department – Episode 51

In Episode 51, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky flirt with some non-toy-department issues as they open with a few words about the miserable, repulsive, inconsiderate behavior of The Year 2016… but swim safely back to shallow waters for discussions of:

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Christmas Day victory over the Golden State Warriors (5:40), and what it means for the rest of the NBA season and their presumed eventual NBA Finals matchup… and whether there is any team out there that might be a able to disrupt that eventuality (14:00)…
  • The National Football League (17:00) and how they have reached their goal of general league-wide parity… Plus a breakdown of some potential playoff situations and vague Super Bowl matchup predictions (AFC first, NFC around 26:20)…
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (42:30) and a probably not-that-surprising difference of opinion between Madden and Kolsky on the quality of that film… and whether Hollywood is still making action movies for people like Derek Madden (49:35)…
  • Homework for next week: when Madden will FINALLY watch the excellent documentary film Scratch (56:25)… and the guys will also do some year-in-review stuff with music and tv and possibly movies (57:10)… and will also discuss the new Run the Jewels record RTJ3 (58:35) now that Derek has figured out how to acquire it… ALSO – not mentioned, but the guys will also finally get around to revisiting the Clash’s London Calling in next week’s pod!!!!!!!!!! (they forgot this week)

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