The Toy Department – Episode 2

In Episode 2 of The Toy Department, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky begin with some follow-up on last week’s issues (specifically the hot dog/sandwich debate and You’re the Worst) and then transition into a discussion about the Philadelphia 76ers and innovative sports strategies (at the 6:45 mark), which brings in all sorts of issues related to analytics and critical thinking, and it’s a pretty deep dive on forward-thinking sports management… The boys eventually drag themselves out of the sports world (at 29:00) to discuss the practice of year-end list-making and how best to enjoy the assortment of seasonal lists you’ll be seeing soon… Following the best porn joke of Kolsky’s life, the conversation shifts to fast-food (40:50) in response to Rob Lowe’s possession of a McDonald’s Gold Card… Then they finish strong after a quick Happy Hannukah (51:00) with some discussion of being enough of an old-ass man to enjoy concert-going with your parents.

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The Toy Department – Episode 1

In Episode 1 of The Toy Department, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky begin by delving into one of the great debates of the last month or so on the internet: is a hot dog a sandwich?? Then there’s some movie talk (around 17:00), mostly about the new film Creed, then a turn into TV (around 22:45) and after a quick Star Wars detour it’s on to music!(around 37:30)! After a bit of discussion surrounding a potential Guns-N-Roses reunion, and band reunions in general, there’s a strong finish with some sports talk – specifically about the apparent demise of cherished athletic superstars (starting around 49:30). And by the way, make sure you stick around ’til the end for some outtake action…

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