The Toy Department – Episode 13

In Episode 13, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky show up a day late… But doesn’t that just mean their thoughts are that much more well-considered?? The boys start with some Oscars talk, breaking down Chris Rock’s performance and some of the award-winners, then shift to hating on Duke basketball (18:30). Then, once the topic is basketball, it’s only natural to talk about the greatness of Steph Curry (26:50). The show closes with some music talk – breaking down the Foo Fighters’ “Band Announcement” (40:20) and talking a little about putting Dave Grohl’s career into context (45:00).

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The Toy Department – Episode 6

In Episode 6, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky open with a brief discussion of football’s move to Los Angeles, before transitioning into a discussion of the life of the great David Bowie (6:30). Then transition into a long movie talk based around today’s announcement of Oscar nominations (14:45) that addresses the lack of diversity in nominees, among other things. Then it’s back to sports (32:30) for a discussion of the Bengals’ meltdown (or was it a meltdown??) at the end of their playoff loss to Pittsburgh and other postseason football issues. Then a minute or two on Sean Penn’s El Chapo interview ties things up at the end.

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