The Toy Department – Episode 7

In Episode 7, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky open with a discussion of the Eagles in the wake of Glenn Frey’s passing – a conversation wherein Kolsky may have inappropriately slandered a band that just tragically lost a member – before transitioning into a movie conversation that should be significantly less offensive. Specifically, they talk about Room (18:30) and its engaging star Brie Larson, before getting into some specifics on The Hateful Eight (28:20) and its divisive director Quentin Tarantino. Then it’s on to television (37:15) and a discussion about the future of television programming in a world where TBS and TNT are wading into the prestige TV game. And then, FINALLY, they finish things off with the long-awaited All-Time Trash Talk Team discussion (49:45)…

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The Toy Department – Episode 5

In Episode 5, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky start with a little holiday break recap and quick Star Wars follow-up (thanks to George Lucas’ odd comments) before Madden attempts to convince Kolsky to to watch the Netflix series Making a Murderer (starting around 9:30). Then it’s a breakdown of some prestige TV (24:30) – mostly FX’s incredible Fargo but also the USA series Mr. Robot. Kolsky talks about a hip-hop audio tour of the Bronx (41:10) to spur a brief discussion about art and human nature, and then there’s some discussion about the Baseball Hall of Fame and its awful voting process (49:00) to finish off strong.

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